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Iron Factory

If-Ex02 Turrets & Manacle

Got these guys at TFCon Chicago 2018, right before they announced Siege Sixgun, so I guess now I have a big and a small version of them.

I'll be showing them next to my Utopia.

The wuality of these is really good. It's not the same kind of plastic from Hasbro retail releases, it's a bit more of a stiff plastic, but feels quite solid. Artculations aren't loose, which is important when they have so many guns to grab.

This package comes with more guns that they can hold, and each of the bots transform into a different gun with a 5mm peg, but they need to be held by a sturdy bot to hold weightof them fully armed.

They have loads of 5mm pegs and peg holes so can be mounted on top of each other in rdiculous ways!

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