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I am very happy with this figure. I like the attitude this bot has much better than the Hasbro/Takara version. The proportions are great and I prefer the head sculpt much more.

The reprolabels on this guy made a huge difference! They weren't cheap but all the extra details make you think how much you are loosing after a hefty investment like this one.

Transformation is tricky, just like a masterpiece, as much as Metroplex's transformation is rather basic, they manage to have a lot of sliding panels to make sure that the big blocks end up in the right places.

The problem I have with this is that now that TR Tripticon is coming out, this won't scale as well as the official version.

I was able to get this figure for $300 in a weekend sale at tf-source.com.

  1. Maketoys Utopia – Not Metroplex with Reprolabels

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