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Gamer, Transformer collector, Old Man

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  1. Hasbro Rid (4)
  2. Hasbro Cybertron (4)
  3. Hasbro Platinum Edition (3)
  4. Hasbro Power of the Primes (3)
  5. Hasbro Armada (3)
  1. Jupiter

    Planet X

  2. Ectotron


  3. Mb-01 Archenemy

    Fans Hobby Master Builder

  4. Gt-03N Noir Op.Ex

    Generation Toy

  5. Mb-04 Gunfighter Ii

    Fans Hobby Master Builder

  6. Mt-05 Battle Sentinel

    Maketoys Battle Tanker Series

  7. Scourge (Deluxe)

    Hasbro Tfcc

  8. First Edition Dark Guard Optimus Prime

    Takara Tomy Prime

  9. First Edition Clear Optimus Prime

    Takara Tomy Prime

  10. Mcs-01B Kbbmp10-V-B

    Kubianbao KBB Deformation

  11. Ths-01 Galaxy Convoy

    Takara Tomy

  12. Ss-38 Optimus Prime

    Hasbro Studio Series

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