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Gamer, Transformer collector, Old Man

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  1. Takara Tomy Siege War For Cybertron (10)
  2. Hasbro Combiner Wars (6)
  3. Hasbro Power of the Primes (5)
  4. Hasbro Rid (4)
  5. Hasbro Thrilling 30 (4)
  1. Ss-25 Bumblebee (2016 Chevy Camaro)

    Hasbro Studio Series

  2. Ss-24 Bumblebee (1967 Volkswagen Beetle)

    Hasbro Studio Series

  3. Mp-10A Green Bape Convoy Ko

    Unknown Masterpiece

  4. Clear Optimus Prime


  5. Pepsi Convoy


  6. Nightbird

    Takara Tomy Generations Selects

  7. Sandstorm (Voyager)

    Hasbro Thrilling 30

  8. Soundwave (Leader)

    Hasbro Titans return

  9. Blaster (Leader)

    Hasbro Titans return

  10. Jetfire

    Takara Tomy Siege War For Cybertron

  11. 35Th Anniversary Edition Bluestreak

    Takara Tomy Siege War For Cybertron

  12. Convoy (Ryu) Vs Megatron (Vega)

    Takara Tomy Street Fighter Ii X Transformers

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