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  1. Hasbro Takara War For Cybertron: Siege (8)
  2. Hasbro Combiner Wars (7)
  3. Hasbro Titanium Series (6)
  4. Hasbro Prime (Beast Hunters) (5)
  5. Maketoys Cross Dimension (5)
  1. Spark Armor Optimus Prime/Sky Turbine

    Hasbro Cyberverse Power Of The Spark

  2. Energon Axe Attack Optimus Prime

    Hasbro Bumblebee Cyberverse Adventures

  3. Lunarfire Optimus Prime

    Hasbro Dark Of The Moon

  4. Mpl-01 Red Sharpshooter

    Banana Force Metal Premium Line

  5. Ss-32 Optimus Prime

    Hasbro Studio Series

  6. Silver Knight Optimus Prime

    Hasbro Target Exclusive Age Of Extinction

  7. Ss-38 Optimus Prime

    Hasbro Studio Series

  8. Mpm-4 Optimus Prime

    Hasbro Masterpiece Movie Series

  9. Rid Optimus Prime 6”

    Hasbro Titanium Series

  10. Prowl Spychanger

    Hasbro Universe

  11. Optimus Prime Spychanger (Yellow Vers...

    Hasbro Universe

  12. Optimus Primal

    Hasbro Titanium Series

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