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Hasbro Studio Series

Ss17 - Shadow Raider (Deluxe)

I'm a bit surprised by this one. I got it because I really liked the orange version of this mold. But I'm finding lots of difficulties with this one copy I got.

The ankle articulation is very weak making it difficult to have it hold a fully vertical stand since the ankles will just tilt forward and bend over.

The pegs on the back of the feet do not go in the holes on the back plates of the car, which make it nearly impossible to have the back part of the car mode to be fully snapped in.

The balljoin neck does not move at all. I'm nervous to move it around since it it starts twisting on the small neck piece, This makes it naturally difficult to pose, but also to transform since the head will not bend correctly at the chin to make clearance for the front piece of the car to go fully down so it's a bit stressful to press in together. At the end I can get it transformed but without being able to get the whole car properly snapped.

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