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Hasbro The Last Knight

Megatron (Voyager) 3 more owners

Super happy with this Megatron, I think it's the best of all the movie offerings we've had.

I prefer this mold over the Leader class one. It would be perfect if it had a waist joint and the face mask gimmick at this scale, but it works quite well still.

The plastic feels great quality, a bit rubbery even but looks like it will allow for more play out of this guy.

Articulation allows for lots of range, but weirdly enough I don't feel I can pull too many poses out of this guy.

What this guy is lacking:

  • Face mask gimmick
  • Waist joint
  • Wrists swivel

What's great:

  • Looks
  • Material
  • Dat ankle tilt!!
  • Transformation/engineering

I'll be getting the Oversized KO and will skip on the Leader class.

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