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Robot Manuel X

I got this figure for a good price. I originally wasn't keen on the color scheme, specially after already owning the G1 colored version of this mold, but I couldn't pass on the good deal.

This figure is very poseable, almost too poseable. I've learned with this what issues a figure can have when it has too much articulation.

It is too easy to have it look like a drunk bot, or the legs with knees inward in strange positions and the big ankle tilt allows for all that. It just requires a bit of starting from the feet up to get a good pose with this guy.

The aesthetics are very good, although the shoudlers are a tad low and the double elbow is a bit too long which looks weird in many positions.

  • Plastic quality and built are really good.
  • Transformation is pretty decent for what was an extremely simple original toy.
  • It takes a bit to peg everything tightly, there is a couple of tiny leg hooks that I can see stressing if handled incorrectly.
  • The chrome guns are great

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