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King Poseidon

This one was really hard to get, but thankfully was able to get all the parts when they came out.

I must say that while this looks great. The individual pieces all have loose limbs in one way or another, which makes them all unfit to work as strong arms. It can barely hold its sword and it will be impossible for it to hold the extra member as a gun.

The sword requires a bit of pressure with the small axes to combine, and I fear that it will cause paint scratches going forward.

Given that this is Silverbolt's mold, the combiner legs (Snaptrap's arms) have a 4-click ratchet, which doesn't allow for much posing. Adding that to the weak limbs it's hard to get this in a solid stand in many poses. It's literally a balancing act.

The feet and hands on this mold are much superior to standard CW combiners. The hand have individually articulated fingers and the feet have forward and side sofr-ratchet tilt,

The pink part of the feet can be removed and the black piece transformed into some sort of gun, similar to the Perfect effect feet.

The hands cannot be pretend to be guns, and that's great, because it makes them work great as hands.

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