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Using budgets

Budgets are optional.

When you first go to the Budget's page you will be asked to set a budget for the current year. This is a made up number that you can modify later that will be used as a rough benchmark of your expenses. Enter 0 if you don't have the faintest idea.

The budget will automatically generate expenses and earnings based on your purchased and sold figures.

It will only consider any figure that has an acquisition date and a price. In order to keep the budget up to date you need to fill this information on each of your figures.

Monthly expenses

The table below the graph displays the purchases and incomes by month, keeping different currencies separated.

Clicking on each month's number will link to a page containing the detail of what was bought or sold that period and how that monthly total was obtained.

Extra expenses

This section offers the option to schedule future purchases you may make. For example you know you're buying that TR Tripticon later in probably August or September, so you can enter that here before you even have the figure and it will be considered in your budget on the right month.