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Friday, December 26, 2008
LostMap V 1.0

The newest Lostlight dis.org Release LostMap is a Fully Featured Front-End Gui for Nmap

On Mac OSX .The goal of Lostmap was to create a fully featured scanning front end ,thats easy to
use ,elegant and above all fast!

Some of the features include

Built in 1 click sudo | nmap scanning for all of those pesky to preform scannning options that require root

Assisted Custom Command line building

Custom nmap paths and executables

Backwards support for older versions of Nmap



(3 megs)

Universal Binary runs on intel or ppc and has been Fully tested and supports AMD/ intel hackintoshes

(requires NMAP)

this is a beta please send all bugs and feedback to

Dis.Org Penetration Extension for Firefox (D.O.P.E)
Dis.Org Penetration Extension for Firefox (D.O.P.E)

A User agent Switcher for firefox that supports the following:

Search engine Impersonating
Operating Systems Impersonation
Cellular Phones and Mobile Devices Impersonation
Game Consoles Impersonation

right click the download link and select Save As.. Or firefox will buggger up the download
Fellatio Is a super fast Web banner grabber that supports,HEAD ,GET ,
and ssl

IIS Molest
Handy Tool for hand crafting exploit request urls against Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)webservers

Netjester is a lightning Fast Class c ping sweeper for windows
-Full interactive class c sweeping for over 54 Trojans and known services
set the timeout to 40 or less for best results

Packet-smax is a small suite of blind network auditing
and exploit discovery tools for windows.
An interactive tool for generation and discovery of exploits
It allows you to confidently connect to a port send custom data and debug the output.
-Full logging
-Overflow character generator
that allows you to interactively
-Step by step trace logging including full log of exploit data and output
-Carriage return probes
-Easy to use Graphical Interface
-Quick banner grabbing for web servers (fellatio)
-Full interactive class c sweeping for over 54 Trojans and known services
plus custom ports
-Customizable IIS exploit generator

A little key logger to place on the system of a suspected Cheating significant other
I did this one under the name HAcker X cause it tends to piss people off :)

DoC Dial-Up Raper
This program will harvest all the dial up accounts out of any win95/98/98se/ME (sorry wont work on NT or 2k requires the visual basic 5 run times Included

DoC Mirc For NT
Got Shares? this is Version 2 of docmirc.It allows you to preform a number of netbeui attacks
All from just 2 clicks Highlight the user name and right click.
Current Features Include A nat front end ,port scanner,netbeui and IIS security scanning and much more.all you have to do is uzip it to its own dir and run Mirc32 from there(if you get any errors about no t being abel to run make sure the slash run command is enabled in MIRC options)

This Text file contains how to decrypt win9X/ME Shared Folder and Network Rescources paswords stored in the registry In doc,ascii,and palmpilot formats ,Complete decryption Chart.

Registry Raper
This tiny Program allows you to extract .reg files from a stolen user and system dat files
On windows 9X / Me Systems